Neutral ranger who's sole interest is the health of the wild.

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
12 15 13 8 16 9
+0 +1 +1 -1 +2 +0

Alignment – Neutral
Race – Human
Damage – D8
Armor – 1
HP – 21

*Hunter’s bow
*Leather armor
*5 ammo (normal arrows)
*2 ammo (obsidian tipped arrows; +1 damage)
*Boots (of unknown magical origin)

Advanced Moves


Shrike grew up in the city but was always fascinated by the wild. At an early age, he began escaping from the stone walls into the wild country beyond. He played in the trees and rivers, stalked wildlife and grew in the ways of hunting. On a fateful day not long after his 11th naming day, Shrike stumbled upon a downed hawk. Unsure how the hawk came to this condition, Shrike approached with caution. The animal was not shaken by his presence and it was soon clear that one of its wings was broken and unusable. Shrike bundled the bird in his cloak and rushed him home.

In the seclusion of his attic room, he nursed the red tail hawk back to health, splinting the wing so it could heal. In the weeks following, the hawk developed a bond with Shrike like no animal had bonded with a human before. Once his wing had healed, Shrike released the hawk into the forest only to find it returned to his side. Wherever he went, the hawk went with him. And so Shrike named the hawk Kayvaan and they were bonded ever since.

Five years later, Shrike would meet his second greatest influence as a ranger and hunter – Aegor a wise, old, albeit curious, druid. From time to time, Shrike and Aegor would cross paths and Aegor would teach the boy something about forestcraft – finding ideal locations for stalking prey, how to identify the tracks of a wounded animal, and how to stay alive in the worst conditions. It was this relationship that made Shrike the ranger and hunter he is today and also what developed his world view. The wild is all that matters to Shrike. Other sentients can do as they wish so long as the wild is protected – at all costs.


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